Restorative Dentistry

Tooth decay happens.

Sometimes, despite your child’s best efforts at brushing and flossing regularly, he or she will get cavities. We are your go-to specialists and can handle anything from fillings to surgical extractions.

No matter what procedure your child might need, we’ll use a safe and gentle alternative to traditional dental tools called Waterlase. Waterlase uses a laser and water spray, to perform procedures without a shot or a drill.



Fillings and Crowns

During a regular check up, we will place a “watch” on a tooth that looks like it has a cavity forming, or we may find a cavity that needs a filling immediately. We will use a non-toxic material for a tooth-colored filling. If tooth decay is severe, we may need to also use a stainless steel crown.


Whether you have a referral from an orthodontist or a loose tooth that needs a little help coming out, we will make the experience as quick and comfortable as possible.