Dental Health

First Dental Visit

The American Association of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children see their pediatric dentist by their first birthday. We agree with this recommendation. In fact, we’d prefer to see your child around six months. This early visit enables us to identify any risk factors. The age 1 visit is for you – the parents! We’ll give you oral hygiene information so you can properly care for your child’s smile. We’ll even speak with you about your oral hygiene habits, as these have been shown to have a significant impact on your child’s cavity risk. Practicing proper oral hygiene daily can prevent costly dental work.

Initial Exam for Children age 3 and Older

At this visit, your child will receive a soft tissue exam, scaling and polishing, fluoride treatment, and a dental development evaluation. We’ll also take necessary X-rays and provide dietary and nutritional counseling for parents and or the patient. We encourage parents to accompany their child to this exam. We’ll teach you and your child how to properly care for their teeth, offer advice on eating habits, and answer any questions. We’ll discuss how cavities form and what we can do to prevent them. We’ll also assist your child with proper brushing technique. All of this information is presented in an age appropriate manner.

Routine Appointments

Your child’s bi-annual appointment with us will include more than a cleaning. We take the time to provide you and your child the tools necessary to maintain a cavity free smile.

Dental Education

Even though your child’s routine check-ups are important, we realize their home care has a more significant impact on the health of their smile. For that reason, we place great emphasis on dental education. Please see our FAQ page for information on how cavities form, as well as proper brushing techniques.