Restorative Dentistry old

Tooth decay happens.

Sometimes, despite your child’s best efforts at brushing and flossing regularly, he or she will get cavities. We are your go-to specialists and can handle anything from fillings to surgical extractions.

No matter what procedure your child might need, we’ll use a safe and gentle alternative to traditional dental tools called Waterlase. Waterlase uses a laser and water spray, to perform procedures without a shot or a drill.


Fillings and Crowns

During a regular check up, we will place a “watch” on a tooth that looks like it has a cavity forming, or we may find a cavity that needs a filling immediately. We will use a non-toxic material for a tooth-colored filling. If tooth decay is severe, we may need to also use a stainless steel crown.



Whether you have a referral from an orthodontist or a loose tooth that needs a little help coming out, we will make the experience as quick and comfortable as possible.


Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry relies on a mild sedative to make dental care safer and less stressful for children with special needs or anxiety. In consultation with you, we may also opt to use sedation when several procedures need to be done at once, when the safety of a child may be compromised, or if your child has a strong “gag” reflex.

It is important to note that the sedation medication does not control pain or discomfort. Once your child has been sedated, we will give him or her a shot (or shots) of pain medication in the treatment area. The sedation medicine may last up to 6 hours.


Types of Sedation


Nitrous Oxide
Often called “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is a safe, mild sedative that will help your child remain relaxed during dental care. We will place a “space mask” over your child’s nose and ask him or her to breathe normally through their nose. The mask carries air mixed with medication, and your child will feel “happy” in about 5 minutes.

Your child will be awake during the entire procedure with the mask in place. When we complete the dental work, we’ll turn off the nitrous oxide and your child will breathe in pure oxygen for about 5 minutes. Please limit any meals before your child’s dental appointment to something light, like toast.


Oral Sedatives
Oral sedatives are swallowed with water or inhaled through the nose. The medication will make your child a little drowsy and keep him or her relaxed. Because the medicine takes around 20 minutes to work, we’ll have your child take it immediately upon arrival at our office.

You child cannot have anything to eat or drink after midnight on the day of your appointment.


IV Sedation
Intravenous (IV) sedation requires us to insert a needle into your child’s vein, usually in the arm or hand. We may opt for this option if your child is undergoing a long procedure, as we can give your child more medicine if needed. Home preparation is required for this type of sedation.